Cell – Director’s Statement


Attached is a copy of a Director’s Statement that I have completed with regards to a first draft script, ‘Cell’ by Sandy Manchester.  It includes my vision on how the piece would be stylised as well as casting thoughts and ideas.


MAX and ADAM are sat reminiscing over last night’s antics whilst enjoying a cup of tea. What started out as their average Saturday took a terrible twist. After a pre-session, not enough taxis were booked. ADAM being the party animal decides to persuade MAX to drive despite him being well over the limit. Whilst driving MAX’S phone rings, which causes ADAM to attempt to fish it out of MAX’S pocket, thus distracting him from the road. It is at this moment that the car crashes head-on into a truck. The bedroom dissolves into a prison cell, MAX is serving time for the manslaughter of his best friend ADAM. MAX is slowly coming to terms with everything that has happened. Finally, he gets to say goodbye to ADAM, who he had imagined in his cell.

Director’s Statement

Cell -Director’s Statement by Kieran Butcher



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