24 Hour Film Challenge


At the end of my first year in university, we undertook a module in which we were challenged to create a short film in 24 hours being given only a title.

First Title: Pick Pocket

Role: Cinematographer and Writer

The film follows someone’s attempts at picking other peoples pockets and there being someone toying with them.

Pick Pocket Film Link

Second Title: The Confrontation

Role: Writer and Director

The film follows a couple where one of them has spent their savings without telling the other.

The Confrontation Film Link

Third Title: Inner Image

Role: Writer, Director and Actor

The film follows the internal thoughts of a guy wanting to admit to his partner that he has cheated.

Inner Image Film Link



We’ll Meet Again


This was a final piece for my first year. We were set the brief of creating a 3-minute fiction film that had been adapted from short documentaries we had shot in the first half of our semester.

We decided as a group that we would all like to focus on just one idea and we were going to film something derived from The Poppy Seller.

Our original idea was to show the story of an elderly woman to whom lost her husband in the war. They communicated via letters until one day they just stopped. As time went on we developed our idea so that we looked further into letters not reaching Vivian and them somehow getting to her.

Film Avaliable on request – kieranbutcher1@btinternet.com


Under the Skin


Under the Skin’ is a Crime-Drama TV series that I am currently developing as part of my Advanced Screenwriting for Fiction Module in University. I am in the midst of writing the pilot episode as well as planning out the future episodes for the series.


Cardiff, 2016. Police officer, PAUL JONES (Protagonist, 42) is amidst of a panic attack as he attempts to leave the house. Jones is struggling to live with the guilt of the loss of the closest thing to a daughter he ever had, his niece ALYS (6). Ten years previously the notorious serial killer, THE SKINNER kidnapped her and disappeared.

Jones is called to a house fire, where he picks up the scent of his old foe. He cannot believe that after all this time he’s finally caught a break.

He soon comes to realise that THE SKINNER wasn’t working alone and that this is all much bigger than initially thought.


Further details and documents available upon request – kieranbutcher1@btinternet.com

Cell – Readers Report


Attached is a Readers Report I completes on a first draft script ‘Cell’ By Sandy Manchester.


MAX and ADAM are sat reminiscing over last night’s antics whilst enjoying a cup of tea. What started out as their average Saturday took a terrible twist. After a pre-session, not enough taxis were booked. ADAM being the party animal decides to persuade MAX to drive despite him being well over the limit. Whilst driving MAX’S phone rings, which causes ADAM to attempt to fish it out of MAX’S pocket, thus distracting him from the road. It is at this moment that the car crashes head-on into a truck. The bedroom dissolves into a prison cell, MAX is serving time for the manslaughter of his best friend ADAM. MAX is slowly coming to terms with everything that has happened. Finally, he gets to say goodbye to ADAM, who he had imagined in his cell.

Readers Report- Cell

Note: I have also completed a Director’s Statement based on the first draft of this script.

Cell – Director’s Statement

A Final Chance – Readers Report


Attached is a Readers Report I completed on an outline for the script ‘A Final Chance’  by Joesph Parker.


Suffering from a brain tumour, LOUISE is at death’s door and is in a considerable amount of pain. She is concerned about dying without resolving an argument with her brother, MAX, over an accident that left him paralysed. THE GRIM REAPER grants LOUISE one pain-free day to come to some resolution, she goes to visits MAX at his home. The argument is heated until LOUSIE’s pain becomes too much. MAX relives the accident and realises he was to blame for the accident and forgives LOUISE moments before she dies.

A Final Chance – Readers Report

Sisters – First Draft Script


‘Sisters’ is intended as a 10-minute short film which is currently in the first draft stage and is a drama / comedy piece.


The time has come for NATHAN JONES (26) to propose to his childhood sweetheart of 12 years JESS DAVIES (26), or so his father has told him. NATHAN’S only problem is that he’s unsure if JESS is the one and has recently developed a sexual relationship with MEGAN DAVIES (28), JESS’ sister. Whilst faced with the situation he finds himself in, JESS catches him and MEGAN sharing a passionate kiss whilst the rest of the family celebrates the announcement of the engagement.

Character Profiles

Nathan – Protagonist

Megan – Antagonist




Full Script Upon Request – kieranbutcher1@btinternet.com